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BXCO is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio.
We design products & graphics, we create brands, we rethink spaces.

BXCO is founded by industrial designer Burcin Ceren Olcum.

We think that creativity is about searching for what is missing, to constantly realign thoughts and expressions to find that moment of insight when everything clicks. We collaborate intensely, with personal passion and our design disciplines – interior, product, graphic and strategies – to share our insights with the world.



We work on brands permanently or temporarily, going from interior to retail, from art direction to production. We collaborate with prestigious companies in the fields of design, fashion and luxury, carefully planning creative solutions catered to their needs. We give identity to each project elaborating it carefully from concept to completion.




Our work originates from a common horizon and a continuous dialogue between different inspirations. We love to juxtapose high and low, simple and complex, pure geometries and details that embellish them. From large to small, from the container to the content, we always combine creativity and research, investigating forms and materials in search of new answers.

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